Show your clients some love

When your schedule is full to bursting, the small things get sidelined.

Luma makes sure you ask Paul about his weekend hike, because that’s what friends do.

Never leave a client hanging

Perfect message in less than 15 seconds?

Sure, and a followup reminder while you’re at it.

Go from a manager to a leader

Help your clients succeed with creative ideas and sterling execution.

Luma has your admin work covered.

Exceed client expectations

Spot issues before they arise and answer questions before they’re asked.

With Luma, you always overdeliver.

Never run out of ideas again

It’s hard to be creative on the days you spend in the meeting room.

Luma always suggests ways to make your clients happier and grow their accounts.

Luma does reactive, you do productive

Organised, composed and one step ahead.

You won’t fall into the traps of Inbox Zero with a superhero by your side.