Here's the problem...

Poorly planned meetings and one-on-ones cost companies billions in wasted time through drops in the engagement, morale and productivity of their employees.*

You need to run better meetings. You need Luma.

Here's how to solve it...

Step 1: Connect your calendar

Through a quick and simple integration, Luma syncs with your Google Calendar so you can create meeting agendas and notes for any event in your diary.

It’s secure, easy to set up (just a click of a button) and saves you & your team a lot of time going back and forth between a calendar app and a notes app.

Step 2: Set up a shared agenda

Good meetings always have agendas – adding structure and keeping everything on track.

Create an agenda for your meeting, share the URL with the participants and let them add further items. You can tick off completed agenda items during the meeting.

Step 3: Prepare private notes for the meeting

Workers often complain that meetings are inefficient. This is a consequence of attendees not being well prepared beforehand.

Luma has a private space to prepare for your meeting – with the agenda in view. You can choose if you want to share these notes with the rest of the team before it starts.

Step 4: Take notes during the meeting and share afterwards

During the meeting, everyone can jot down their own notes and actions. Then, if you wish, send them through to all participants with a click of a button, ensuring actions are implemented and no key information is ever locked away in someone’s personal notes app.

Step 5: Access all information next time

Keep a copy of all meeting agendas and notes in an easy-access library for future reference.

Archived meeting notes help you quickly find what was discussed, when and by whom.

Work Better Together.

We’re new and we’re not quite ready yet.

But if you’re interested in using Luma, you can register interest below and we’ll let you know once we’ve launched.

Are we missing something you really need? You can let us know via email ‑ as a small startup with limited resources, we’d be so thankful!