Everything you need to manage clients, in one place.

Client information

Store information about your clients in their profiles, such as campaign objectives, competitors, target market, and upsell opportunities.

And you can note down personal bits to refer back to in the future, like their favourite sports team, recent holidays or birthdays.

Centralised communication

When your messages are split across countless email threads, it’s easy to lose or miss key information.

Instead, we keep all your conversations in a single place, so everyone in your team has access.

Calendar management

Set up calls and meetings from within Luma and see what you’ve got coming up by integrating with your Google Calendar.

So the next time a client asks if you’re free for a call on Tuesday, you can check and send out a meeting invite straight away. No need to load up a new window.

Sign off

If you need to get sign off, just mark a message or file as ‘requires approval’.

Thus giving you the necessary confirmation to get cracking and reducing the chance of disputes.

Satisfaction tracking

Keep track of how happy your clients are by marking them as ‘happy’, ‘at risk’, or ‘neutral’.

You can then easily see which of your clients might need some extra care.


Prepare for a meeting, take down notes during a meeting, and then – if you want to – send it all over to your clients after the meeting.

All possible from within our notes area.


Not ready to respond to the latest message? Need to follow up with a colleague later? Got to chase a client?

Whatever it is, you can set yourself a reminder to ensure you don’t forget.

Template messages

Finding the right words can be difficult, especially if it’s about budgets or timescales.

Similarly, writing replies can take up valuable time.

So we created templates you can use and edit as you need.

Automated holding messages

If you’re busy, out of the office, or just want some focus time, you can switch on our automated holding messages.

When enabled, if you receive a new message from a client, Luma will send a templated reply so the client isn’t left without a response. We’ll also set a reminder so you know to come back to it later.

Bonus: Simple for clients

Sometimes, clients don’t want to learn a new tool. We get that.

Any messages you send to your clients in Luma will appear in their inbox as normal. They can choose whether to respond from within their email client or open Luma.

Work Better Together.

We’re new and we’re not quite ready yet.

But if you’re interested in using Luma, you can register interest below and we’ll let you know once we’ve launched.

Are we missing something you really need? You can let us know via email ‑ as a small startup with limited resources, we’d be so thankful!