Helping businesses maintain stronger relationships with their clients

Our goal is to vastly improve the business-to-client relationship and automate the mundane day-to-day tasks that hold teams back from delivering more value for their clients.

To start, we’ve built a communication platform for agencies delivering digital services like marketing, development, and design.

We’ve started with digital because it’s what we know best. From our own experiences, we know within the agency-client relationship there are often issues relating to accountability, ease of contact, delivery of work, and disruptions to the working day, amongst others. Luma solves these issues as it has been built from the ground up to do so.

Who’s who…

In early 2018, the idea for Luma was planned out in the various coffee houses, bars, and co-working spaces of Manchester by three friends – Jakub, Ricardo, and Sam.

A year later, after months of feature design, user research, development, and learning how to actually run a business, Luma was ready for launch.







Work better together.

We're new around here, so we're offering an extended two months free trial to agencies and freelancers in exchange for some feedback. After the trial ends, you can pay either monthly or annually.

Annual (16% off)

£40 / month

£400 / year

  • Up to 30 team users
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Workflows
  • Secure File Storage
  • Premium Support
  • No credit card required