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Never miss a message again


Pull all of your client messages out of a messy email system and into a clear, actionable communication platform.


Messages are categorised by type, meaning that support requests and questions can be assigned to and answered by the relevant team member, whilst leaving a space for campaign and project updates.

Capture & manage actions


Projects and campaigns are made up of changes, issues, and questions.


Luma provides a single space for capturing and assigning these support requests, helping to reduce interruptions and contain all the necessary information in one place.

Turn messages into action


Questions, issues, requests. They come thick and fast, and often within the same message.


You can highlight any text to create an action. This means the right person can be assigned and everyone can see the status of each action as it progresses.

Automate the admin


Valuable agency time is wasted by manually checking on progress, whilst client happiness is affected when they don’t know what’s going on.


With a customisable workflow and automated updates, both you and your clients always know where things are upto.

Workflows that work for you


The stages of a workflow keep everyone up-to-date on how an action is progressing. But workflows differ across agencies, and even the teams within an agency.


Luma has several workflow templates, but if you need something more bespoke then you can create your own.

Make it easy for your clients


Having all your client comms in a centralised tool has plenty of benefits for an agency. But here’s the catch: clients often just want to use email.


No problem. Provide your clients with a single email address for getting in contact and all new messages will be pulled into Luma. Clients never have to use the Luma interface if they don’t want to.


Already here

  • Pick out and pin the key information in threads
  • Upload and store files
  • Search across spaces, threads, and files
  • No need to refresh, real-time updates

On the way

  • Dashboards filled with glorious data
  • Actions to be set as 'billable/not billable'
  • Automated sentiment analysis of client messages
  • Predictive text to help write messages quicker
  • Time tracking for more accurate billing
  • Integrations
  • Smart workflows

Work better together.


We're new round here, so we're offering an extended two month free trial to agencies and freelancers in exchange for some feedback. Just holla if you need longer.


After the trial ends, you can pay either monthly or annually.

£ 40 / month 400 / year

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Workflows
  • Secure File Storage
  • Premium Support
  • No credit card required


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